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Find your inner "Naughty Girl" with Mozado's latest Beyonce remix

Who doesn't love an updated rendition of an R&B classic? Mozado's already got a few under his belt, with his own versions of R&B favourites from Ashanti and Usher. Taking on something iconic is a difficult task, but Mozado manages to ensure sophistication in his renditions of the tracks. He adds a kinetic electronic finish and still maintains an organic emotional atmosphere with his remixes. 

With sincerity in the glowing space of the track, Mozado immediately punches in a deep bass over chunky drum patterns. There's an almost animalistic nature to the track, with subtleties of nature sounds, bringing forward a slick but primitive groove. Beyonce's juicy vocals weaved into the rhythmic flow of the remix creates a refreshing perspective on the classic. Once again in this smooth remix, Mozado has crafted something both characteristic of his sound and timeless.

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