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THEY. keeps the room spinning and the party going with video for "What You Want"

Put the drugs away, boys and girls, you won’t need em for this one.

To follow up their well shot and cut video for “U-Rite,” LA Grunge R&B duo THEY. has released a trippy video for “What You Want.” Off of their debut album Nü Religion: Hyena, “What You Want” features Drew and Dante wooing the ladies and all out partying in the halls of a hotel on a tripped out scale.

What starts out as a straightforward video quickly turns to mind-bending when Drew and Dante start disappearing and reappearing, and the walls begin to spin. This video is such a trip they even warn you at the beginning to avoid watching it if you have Photosensitive Epilepsy. Damn. Things begin to turn up (and down, and all around) as the party builds until the viewer finally finds themselves opening the door to the outside world, with the boys from THEY. posted outside.

Hold onto your lunch and give the Jack Begert directed video for “What You Want” a look above. Also, shouts out to Dante for rocking the Iverson Answers like a boss.

Connect with THEY.: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

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