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Oddnesse unveils hazy single "Scream [Premiere]

Fresh and groovy, LA's own Oddnesse jams her way into our hearts with "Scream", the final release as part of a four part debut series.  Her style is definitively unique - a little bluesy, a little lo-fi indie rock, and a smooth and beautiful nonchalant voice.

In this toe-tapping tune, Oddnesse brings the same signature style. This down-tempo, garage rock track drives forward, thanks to a thumping, yet subtle bassline and a beefy kick. Her mellow, silvery voice flutters above a plucked acoustic guitar. "Scream" culminates in a fuzzy guitar solo in a style and sound much akin to the Black Keys. Hypnotic and mellow, polished yet raw, Oddnesse serves up a fantastic single that pushes the bounds of indie rock. 

In a word, addicting. That's really the best way to describe Oddnesse. Though very new to the indie scene, she's already proving to be an innovator in a world where homogeneity is slowly becoming the norm for the music industry.

Connect with Oddnesse: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

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