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Make room to dance— 5 epic Boiler Room sessions you may have overlooked

When the room is intimate, it's time to really turn up the heat. Here are some of our favorite Boiler Room sessions you may have missed.

1) Ellen Allien, the renowned Berlin-based techno artist and founder of BPitch Control music label, performed her first Boiler Room show in 2012. It's ethereal, melodic, hard-hitting techno at it's best, and out of the many Allien Boiler Rooms to follow, this first one is my personal favorite. She 

2) The vocalist of Kero Kero Bonito, Sarah Midori Perry, is one those pop artists that you just can't help but love. She's bright, candid, and doesn't fail to deliver on performance— we all know Boiler Room sessions certainly aren't known for their lively audiences, but KKB is still her bubbly kawaii self. Also, I couldn't make this up if I tried... if you skip to 10:50, her pianist decides it's a good time to eat a banana. Even better, start from 7:30 to catch all of "Flamingo," arguably the greatest song about shrimp to have ever been written. Enjoy!

3) Louisahhh! is a triple threat; vocalist, producer, and DJ. Her 2015 performance in Paris closed out the night (or more accurately, morning) of the epic "BR x Cinema Paradiso Presents: Bromance Records" show. They saved the best for last— her set is an epic hour of house with a diverse tracklist. You'll hear a range of artists from Maelstrom to DJ Rashad, and her high energy makes this set great to watch.

4) The "Boiler Room & Ballantines: Stay True Scotland" session from 2015 had a plethora of great artists including Nina KravizClouds, and Optimo to name a few, but Maya Jane Coles was the stand-out set of the evening. Her echoing vocals and uptempo techno beats are a fantastic addition to the BR archives; check out her other BR sets if you enjoyed this one, she's got quite a few!

5) To finish the list, Hannah Faith brings it down a notch with a laid-back and soulful set in her latest edition to the Boiler Room archives, performing in London this January. She's signed to Soulection, the Los Angeles label that has released tracks from the likes of Sam GellaitryESTA., and DPAT to name a few. Boiler Room's description of the set— "afro and aural goodness"— is spot on.

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