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Get acquainted with the soulful stylings of Liz Aku

While artist collectives have become a voice for new artists in the digital age, Sonar Kollektiv has been on this track and ahead of the game since the 1990's. Supporting artists of similar sound - downtempo, jazzy and worldly - the Berlin label and collective has joined forces with local promising talent, as well as international artists to watch to help release their music. Our spotlighted artist today falls into the latter category there, with her roots in Ghent, Belgium. On her debut single, "Seasons Change," Liz Aku firmly establishes her voice like she's been doing so for years. With a soothing, soulful vocal performance with all sorts of personality, Aku shines over chilled out production influenced by jazz and future beats. Streaming on Spotify and available via Beatport, "Seasons Change" is quite the debut for Aku, leaving us ready for her next release soon.

Connect with Liz Aku: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

Electronic · Future R&B · Main Stage · R&B · Soul


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