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Elderbrook breaks down his CRSSD festival road trip playlist [Exclusive]

Singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist and just total kickass musician, Elderbrook is hitting the road again this year and making a stop in San Diego this weekend for the 2017 Spring CRSSD Festival.  Following the release of his 2015 EP's Simmer Down and Travel Slow, Elderbrook is what I like to call a musician's musician. His technical prowess, especially coming from an indie singer-songwriter background and his evolving experimentation with various electronic elements, makes him a lethal producer on his own and a harmonious fit when collaborating with other artists like Gorgon City and AndHim. He's certainly going to be a "can't miss act" at CRSSD this weekend and EARMILK was lucky enough to have Elderbrook share a quick playlist, along with commentary, on some different music he's digging for fans to check out.
For more info or tickets to CRSSD Festival, visit: http://crssdfest.com/

Playlist Breakdown: 
Toulouse - "So I Know You Care"

This tune starts with soul filled vocals accompanied by sparse and playful orchestral flavours (which I love). It builds and builds to then just drop to silence and a funky little break - that contrast works really nicely.

Couros featuring Alyss - "Nev•er Break" 

The synth in this song is amazing. It brings a lot of sass. The simplicity of the drums gives the keys space to play around a bit as well which is what gives it its character.

Marian Hill - "Down"

She has a really pleasantly soft timbre to her voice which suits the moodiness that the piano is bringing. I also like the way she says “are you down diddy down d d down..” like she’s sampling herself before the big sampler comes in.

James Vincent McMorrow - "Get Low"

This guys voice carries much soul. The high backing vocals he’s put in there are great as well - sounds like he’s having a little conversation with himself. The warm organic sounds of the acoustic guitar was what originally pulled me in though. These things = good music.

Tom Misch - "Watch Me Dance"

The strings at the beginning of this one always remind me of “A Change Is Gunna Come” by Sam Cooke (which is one of the very best songs of all time so thats good). The melodic arrangement of the vocals in the intro are really clever as well - almost like a song from a musical. Then obviously that funk filled drop just brings it to an entirely new level of bouncy happiness. This song is best in the morning.

José González - "This Is How We Walk On The Moon"

His lazy voice is so calming in this one, it works so perfectly with the layered guitars just making the whole thing a hypnotic journey. The saxophone is so cheeky as well. I love this one a lot.

Sports - "Someone you’d rather be dating"

I love this band - especially their album “People can’t Stop Chillin’” (from which this song is taken). The lyrics are blunt which I always find really interesting. The music is bouncy. Very Bouncy. If you don’t believe me (and you might not) have a listen…

Hoodlem - "Old friend" 

I think what I like about this song most is how raw it is. Every single part of the tune is so dry and makes the whole thing seem really close up and personal. Since I first heard it a couple of years ago I’ve had the vocal melody on repeat in my brain. A truly amazing song.

Max Frost - "$Dreams"

Its so simple in the verses which is something I’m always drawn to but I love the swing of this track most of all. The live bass is the most swung thing I’ve had the pleasure hearing in a while.

Soft Glas- "Latency"

This one contains a lot of jazziness. The vocals are angelic and the synth work is intoxicating - both floating around the simple (yet bouncy) drums that keep it all in place.

Connect with Elderbrook: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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