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Markus Schulz resurrects Dakota for the dark "Mota-Mota"

It's been a while since Markus Schulz has graced our pages, but that doesn't mean the German-American trance slayer hasn't been on his grind. Still doing his Global DJ Broadcast every week, releasing a career milestone marking album Watch The World and Watch The World Acoustic, he was making music and making moves all throughout 2016. But this week, he's returned with a new single under one of his monikers, Dakota. In fact, the last time we wrote up a Markus Schulz track, it was one of his last Dakota tracks, one of his biggest hits to date, "Destiny." 

Markus Schulz presents Dakota just released "Mota-Mota," which is a totally different sound than the emotional "Destiny." Featuring another accomplished producer and DJ known for hits like "Rockafeller Skank" with Fatboy SlimKoen Groenveld, the track takes a much darker and techier turn. Brooding, ominous, and with a dark melody only done on Coldharbour Recordings releases like this. Spanning across multiple sounds, "Mota-Mota" is intriguing and even reminiscent of yesteryear's trance and techno hits.

Connect with Markus Schulz: Soundcloud | Global DJ Broadcast | Facebook | Twitter


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