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Art Alive puts a new spin on Markus Schulz's "Destiny" featuring Delacey [Premiere]

Markus Schulz has a real hit on his hands with his latest single. Featuring powerful vocals from Delacey, "Destiny" is what every trance music lover dreams of: a 10-minute long, emotional track that is impossible to get out of your head.

This week we're getting introduced to the first wave of remixes of the track from the German dance superstar. And yes, that means the track has resonated with so many people and of Schulz's contemporaries that there will be multiple remix EP releases. The first is out this Monday, June 22nd via Coldharbour Recordings and will feature among them a remix from Art Alive, an up and coming German duo who has repurposed the track into more uplifting progressive house track. Check it out below.

Markus Schulz
"Destiny" featuring Delacey
Remixes - Part One
Coldharbour Recordings
Release Date: June 22, 2015

Connect with Markus Schulz:



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