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Stormzy has dropped his debut album "Gang Signs & Prayer"

In 2016, the United States saw an invasion of a new style of hip hop from the UK. This style is called Grime and was brought to the attention of many after the release of Skepta's critically acclaimed album, Konnichiwa. Almost a full year later, we have received another Grime album with Gang Signs & Prayer. This is the debut album from UK rapper, Stormzy.

The artist has dropped singles over the last few years but now he has finally released a full length album. This album takes the listener on a journey of the life of a young black male growing up around gang violence and drugs. Stormzy brings the bangers like his lead single from the track, "Big For Your Boots", but he does not shy away from admitting to serious matters such as depression. This is only the beginning for the young artist but he is setting the bar high with this one. 

Connect with Stormzy: Twitter / Spotify

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