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Migos and 2 Chainz throw money around in "Deadz"

Thank God Migos started co-directing their own videos and bringing the ever so talented hip-hop director video DAPS. Their recent outputs are not only some of the more creative visuals in hip-hop, but are also the wildest and humorous and with big budget backings. They have returned with a brand new video for one of Culture's standout tracks, "Deadz," and once again they have delivered in giving us a fun viewing experience.

"Deadz" starts with a small chamber group playing the introduction of the song itself, in front of a beautiful building. As soon as the band hits the crescendo, Quavo begins to rap the tracks hook and money is promptly splattered across the screen. While the chorus is not the most inspired, it is one of the catchiest and will stick with you for the rest of the day. As the song continues, it is revealed that the property they are performing in is potentially funeral home. There are three caskets prominently displayed throughout the video; each carries the bodies of dead presidents, ergo Deadz.

Besides for the engaging set of visuals, Migos and 2 Chainz serve up some great verses on "Deadz." While Chainz is definitely the liveliest of the rappers, Takeoff steals the show. Although it seems like he was on a time limit, he took advantage of every minute he was given. Check him and the rest of the Migos on "Deadz" above.

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