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NJOMZA entices us with her visual for "Intro"

NJOMZA hasn't made a peep for quite some time. However, this week the Chicago by way of LA songstress came in real hot releasing the first (visual) taste off her EP Sad For You titled, "Intro". 

The 2:48 song + video is more visually stimulating than almost anything I've watched so far this year. The short film was directed by Paul Capra, aka the mans of all mans. Homie makes anything look like a wet dream in paradise. NJOMZA used one of the exotic men I've ever seen as her counterpart and the artist herself has sex appeal through the roof. The song starts with a static sound as the visual hits a stop-go-fast-forward-slow motion, flawlessly syncing with the vibe of the track. The entire video reminds me of a cast wearing an American Hustle wardrobe in a Pulp Fiction setting with a Sunday morning breakfast in bed after a long morning of sex.  NJOMZA's vocals melt like an ice cube submerging itself in a hot tea on a summer day as she pours her heart out - inevitably deciding to "fuck all these emotions". The eargasm of a track leaves you so hungry for more that you can feel the thirst dripping from your lips as you long for another sip.

Connect with NJOMZA: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Paul Capra: AllThingsPaul


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