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Cashmere Cat cements himself as a pop artist with "Love Incredible"


It looks like Cashmere Cat is officially a bonafide pop artist. The DJ/producer has lent his future house-rooted production abilities to Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, 2 Chainz and Torey Lanez all just in the past two years. And today, he's revealed his latest vocal collaborator as one Fifth of Fifth HarmonyCamila Cabello

While he's used the foundation he laid with his early SoundCloud remixes and 2012 breakout EP Mirror Maru as a black book for his new productions, Cashmere Cat's flair is much lost and muffled in his productions since. Star-powered, and slightly fueled by his formerly avant-garde production style, it's easy to wonder whose name is making tracks like "Love Incredible" so successful. At first glance, "Love Incredible" sounds like a perfect chart-topping track from a pop songstress. But the production, while radio-friendly, lacks any notable style from the booth. We'd hope to hear that from Cashmere Cat knowing his talent, but it's not delivered on "Love Incredible." Hearing this track and his latest resume of releases also poses the question: who will be the real star of his debut album? There's no set date for the release of Wild Love yet, so we'll have to wait to judge.




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