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Dugong Jr keeps it slow and sexy with "See You Again"

The time to stop sleeping on Dugong Jr starts now. The Moving Castle and Mad Decent regular Dylan Tainsh (a.k.a Dugong Jr) gained recognition for his track "Secrets" and answers the hype with "See You Again", featuring Northside and Mayowa. The newest track is dreamy and smooth, but has a bit of an edge with the subtle trap beats and freestyle section.

With love still lingering in the air from Valentine's Day, "See You Again" touches on those complicated feels. The ones where you know you messed up but you can't help yourself from falling. The song floats between the slow and bouncier vibes, which mimics your mind going through those "I-should-but-I-shouldn't" thoughts. Bump this one at your next party or keep "See You Again" for your personal playlist (you know the one).

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