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Have a "Good Time" with Lex Low and jackLNDN

Ah, indie chill pop music how I love you so. In particular in these weird February snowy days, chill summery music is like a warm oasis in the middle of all this snowfall on the East Coast. 

Producer jackLNDN has teamed up with LA-based singer Lex Low to provide listeners the quintessential vibin' song to satiate all your simplistic-air-conditioned-summer-days need.

"Good Time" is true to its word, listeners will have a great time listening to this track. On the song, Lex says: 

"I remember writing this topline in London, before I move out to LA, it was raining and I just wanted to brighten the day up a bit. I was just gliding on Jack's beat, workshopping melodies but the lyrics weren't flowing. So I went to the pub down the road with some mates. Whilst I was there I thought about running into someone you hadn't seen in a while and just kicking back with a drink, forgetting whatever happened in the past and having a good night for a few hours."

It's got everything you need: captivating yet laid-back vocals provided by Lex, and solid, slightly jazzy production courtesy of jackLNDN to back up the mood. That opening melody will hook you in easier than baiting a trout, those keyboard chords will make you want to get iced tea in some nice albeit bougie cafe. These metaphors are really bad, but you get what I mean. 

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