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Auteur Alex Kozobolis delivers incredible visuals for "Closure" [Premiere]


Late last year we featured Alex Kozobolis' mini-album Weightless that debuted January 27th 2017and now the multimedia artist is back with some incredible visuals for his track Closure.  Filmed by a friend on apparently only an iPhone in New York, the visuals start with performer and contemporary choreographer William B. Fowler Jr improvising in fuzzy black and white light outside an urban garage. Throughout the video William's generally fluid movements are also in juxtaposition occasionally stuttering and jerky, as the garage scene is interrupted by faded colour at midnight. Simultaneously, the audience watches weight and time's effects gradually lift from William within his performance. Trippy, and almost ghost-like at points, William's improvised 4 takes are layered as he playfully warps and isolates his body; a bodily mass uninterrupted by the constraints of the physical world. Weightless can be ordered digitally or as a 12" vinyl or CD on Alex's Bandcamp here.

Connect with Alex Kozobolis: Facebook |  Website | Twitter |  Bandcamp |  Soundcloud

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