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Alex Kozobolis explores microgravity in new mini-album "Weightless"

Gravity is the force that governs motion throughout our universe. The propagation of gravitational waves are what causes earth to orbit the sun, and the moon to orbit earth, and is indeed the force that anchors us; giving us weight.  To be truly weightless; an object must be in free fall through acceleration.  Gravitational waves are ripples in the curvature of spacetime, that propagate as waves at the speed of light. 

Weightless, the new mini-album by Alex Kozobolis sounds the gradual effect of microgravity on the listener; as weight and time itself lifts. The listener floats; a bodily mass uninterrupted by the constraints of the physical world.  Alex's eventful light glissando, and rumbling of arpeggios on piano provide such sustenance, yet evaporating as soon as they are heard, leaving behind the scenes unassumingly honest, and carefully occasional notes. Alex seems at home creating this beautiful oeuvre within art direction of many mediums. His dream-like visuals transcending; often into film and photography too. Weightless allows an earthly flight of imagination, flooded with intense energy as wings are slowly given to the mind.  Weightless is due out on January 27th 2017, and can be pre-ordered digitally or physically on Alex's Bandcamp here.

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