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Prepare to be mesmerized by Ben Webb's "Dope Girl" [Premiere]

Ben Webb is a DJ and producer based in The Midlands, UK. Successfully running a club night at underground venue The Basement in Lincoln, performing alongside acts such as Sidney Charles, Sante and Jamie Jones, Ben is now ready to release his debut track, "Dope Girl". Played out by those latter DJ's and also the likes of Tiga, Steve Lawler and Denney, you can be sure that if you haven't heard it in a set already then you definitely will in the near future. Showcasing Ben's talents as a producer, "Dope Girl" captures the feel and intensity of a high energy and intimate club night - something Ben knows all too well.

Before I touched on "Dope Girl" itself, I had a chat with Ben about how he got to hosting a club night and production of his first track from DJ beginnings in his teenage years.

"The idea of the club night, District, came about in 2012. Me and two friends wanted to create an outlet for ourselves as DJs to play the music we liked to a crowd of likeminded people. We launched with just three of us playing as residents but soon realised we could start booking artists we were following. The event really moulded me as a DJ and is definitely what pushed me into producing. I think it's helped shape the sound of the music I'm now making. I've always believed your main job as a DJ is to keep people on the dancefloor happy, so when I'm writing a track I will be mainly thinking about them."

Being released on the label Weapons, "Dope Girl" is a hypnotic but lively tech house banger. Featuring a distinctive and groovy vocal, the track is exactly the kind of thing you'd be hoping and expecting to hear on the dancefloor. Keeping it fresh and original, analogue groove and edgy synths are combined to create this track that's been moving around the underground scene. Ben told me what his inspirations behind the track were.

""Dope Girl" came from a really simple idea to be honest. I had this vision of a guy and a girl together having a smoke. The vocal suggests the girl is a bit of a tease and I think that's quite fun! I just wanted to make sure the track had a nice groove and catchy low end that would work well on the dance floor."

Accompanying the release of the audio is a vizualizer every bit as hypnotic as the sounds of the track itself. A simple graphic of heavy lidded eyes and smoke effects compliments the song whilst displaying Ben's inspirations in the perfect way.

"Dope Girl" is out now on Weapons & available to stream here and pre-order for downloadhere (5% of all Weapons profits will go to those displaced by war.)

Connect with Ben Webb: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Interview · Premiere · Tech House · U.K.


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