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The PYLOT saga continues in new Shadowtask EP

We find our leather-jacket-wearing-mystery-donning moniker at the height to the first part of his saga in the brand Shadowtask EP. Released via Monstercat, PYLOT has come across a new set of characters to the story, which are described in his journal, and seem to be key players in his journey with this new group, Shadowtask, leading the way.

Shadowtask is a five-track EP that follows PYLOT’s signature dark, 80’s synth sound. Opener “Caine” feels like it could be straight out of an 80’s action movie, while “Data” gets a little more sci-fi with its heavy synth focus. “Locke” slows down to the EP’s mid-point and “Clova” provides some funky, nu-disco vibes. The EP appropriately closes out with “Shadowtask”, which has quite a heavy Daft Punk influence to it. Overall, the EP is an engaging story with infectious beats added in as an extra bonus.

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