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Avalon Landing looks to the past in "Only Kids" [Video Premiere]


Nostalgic and bittersweet, indie rock band Avalon Landing offers a pensive look at growing up in their single “Only Kids.” Amidst the punchy drums and churning feedback, singer Josh Rabenold’s velvety vocals drive home the notions of heartbreak and the struggle to be ourselves. The theme is echoed by the instruments and culminates in a moment of intense commotion as drums crash, guitars wails, and the chorus is exclaimed with relentless passion. “Only Kids” is a refreshing take on the narrative of life. It’s the raw sincerity, coupled with the powerful orchestration that make this song truly brilliant.

"With this song, the music truly informed the lyrics. The chord progressions, melodies, and general aesthetic, in a way, almost demanded that the subject matter reflect a sense of ‘lost innocence’ that many of us experienced growing up. So when it was time to put pen to paper, ‘We were only kids standing in the doorway looking for a fix’ came about as naturally as a casual exchange between old friends." - Josh Rabenold

The video is simple, but it works so well. Just a man walking alone through the city interlaced with shots of Rabenold singing on a rooftop. The man looks longingly at people he passes, perhaps considering how different decisions could’ve led him to different places in life.

Avalon Landing is Charlie Buice, Clayton Cobb, Josh Rabenold, Mike Vargovich. Based in Las Vegas, the band has burst through the music scene and played shows with Imagine Dragons and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. It’s their eager drive and passion that sets them apart.

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