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Saba delivers an introspective hustler's anthem on latest single "Monday to Monday"

It’s been exciting to watch Saba’s career evolve over the past few years. From steady features on friends albums to his well-rounded Bucket List Project, Saba has been continually honing his craft.

His latest single “Monday to Monday” is an introspective look at all the work he has put in, a sort of hustlers anthem for all the deep thinkers out there.

Saba has always been a welcome feature on a song, but it wasn’t until he released 2016’s Bucket List Project, that fans got the chance to see behind the killer chorus’ and organic flow. Yet another stellar musician coming out of Chicago, Saba seems to have a pretty hardy grasp on life. On Bucket List Project, he not only touched on a wide arrange of topics that gave insight into his hopes and dreams but interviewed friends and fellow MCs to get their life goals as well. It was an interesting way to tie everyone together, From Chance the Rapper to Lupe Fiasco, by uniting them under a common thread: dreams.

With “Monday to Monday” Saba is once again introspective, but as a way to ignite the fire within himself, and by extension all of us, to hustle for those dreams.

Whereas on songs like “Angels” Saba is used to brighten up the chorus, “Monday to Monday” is much darker. The beat itself is heavy and atmospheric, giving the listener an almost anxious feeling, as if hard work is the only way out.

And speaking of hard work, Saba demolishes this beat. Within the 3 minute song, he switches up his flow and rhyme scheme at every turn, giving added depth and weight to an already interesting song.

At 22-year-old Saba has a long career ahead of him and if he continues to work as hard as he is now, there is no telling how far this guy can go.

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