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Matt Martians is a "Diamond In Da Ruff"

From helping found Odd Future, to being a futuristic trendsetter in The Jet Age of Tomorrow, to laying down smooth grooves with the The InternetMatt Martians' has had quite the expansive and extensive career. Although he has been a key member of some of the most popular acts in a variety of genres, the producer has managed to remain out of the limelight. However, like his bandmate and fellow Odd Future crew member Syd, Martians is preparing to step out from behind the curtains, with the release his first ever solo project. 

On his new single,"Diamond In Da Ruff," Matt Martians creatively combines elements of his musical resumé. Majority of the four minute jaunt is a creamy r&b track. Steve Lacy assists Martians on the production, and his guitar fills every free moment with funk. The leading man's voice punches through on top, even though he almost slurs out the lyrics; even so, his lyrics are beautifully constructed. The drumming is beyond good, the hats drive "Diamond In Da Ruff" into outer space.

"Feelin" is a short, hidden track at the end of "Diamond In Da Ruff." It is more experimental in nature, reminiscent of Jet Age of Tomorrow. There is a significant amount of feedback, tangential conversation, and random sounds. However, the two songs are surprisingly complementary. The former talks about finding a new love, while the latter speaks to an old flame.

Martians announced that "Diamond In Da Ruff" is from his forthcoming album, The Drum Chord Theory, due out January 27, 2017.  

Connect with Matt Martians: Soundcloud | Twitter

Future R&B · R&B · Trip-Hop


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