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BREEZEPARK re-emerge with "Let Me Know"

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The last time I spoke with the rappers CvmQuest, Play, Ty Safari and Rye was in early 2016. The squad had just released their STRANGERS EP; a brow-raising, solid project from start to finish that garnered the attention of VA veteran Pusha T, and even put long-awaited light on their neglected town of Suffolk. The wave lasted for a few months, and all of the sudden, at the dismay of newly earned listeners, the squad faded to black.

Flash forward and we have the release of “Let Me Know”, one hell of a release produced by KNGBNJMN and probably BREEZEPARK’s hardest track to date. When together, this ensemble have a chemistry that can only be compared to something fictitious - the Fantastic 4, for example. However, on an individual level, each of them could stand on their own, toe-to-toe with some of rap's most notable rising artist. Rye raps:

Once I get going, no stopping bro/ Once I get up, ain’t no dropping/ I get to the point like a porcupine/ Don’t touch it if it ain't worth my time/ Burned all my burdens in furnaces/ Made from the dirt/ But emerging up out of the surface/ Just to hurt all these serpents/ I’m surging, I’m working/ To prove I’m deserving

Rye is the second youngest member of the set, and that is just the beginning of the verse. There is no official word or release date yet, but it looks like the team may have something in the works.

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