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Spooky Black returns with melancholy "destrooy1"

Hailing from St. Paul in Minnesota, Corbin Smidzik aka Spooky Black has perfected a sound that seems to emanate the feeling of cold weather and gloom. Working with friends like Bobby Raps and releasing music from as early as 15, the artist began to draw national attention for his poignant lyrics and melodies. He hasn't released anything for a year, but prior to this hiatus he's worked with Wedidit Collective and is a part of thestand4rd, a group of other musicians based in St. Paul that he's worked with. Corbin had his first live in performance in Los Angeles this past August at The Echo to a sold out crowd. His newest release “destrooy1,” is a song that strays slightly from the heavier beats he’s released prior, especially those in his last 6-track project bobby raps & corbin. The song is echo-ey and ethereal with no audible drums accompanying his soft and lonely vocals. Best listened to alone on a rainy day, here is “destrooy1.”

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