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6ix Shoota releases trailer for short film '6ix Tape Vol.1' [Video]

Budding auteur and DC native, 6ix Shoota,  teases followers with a glimpse of his upcoming short film, 6ix Tape Vol. 1. The project comes as somewhat of a collaborative effort as DMV collective 7Serengeti. Long time 7geti producer, Curtis Tull, is behind the score. Looking at the trailer it seems as though it may be shot similar to an anthology series, placing focus on each member of the squad, including OG Dutchmaster, Jetty Shad, Brian Johnson, and more notably Kevin Sinatra and Farma Wes.

As of right now there isn't an official release date, but it is slated to come sometime this year. It isn't hard to tell these guys have been busy. As cryptic as the trailer is, just the scale at which it was shot is enough to have you asking, "what's next?" Think post-apocalyptic cult classic, " Escape from New York" meets Ye's "Can't Tell me Nothing" video.

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