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Eau Claire previews remix EP with N2N's edit of "All The Wonder" [Premiere]

DC-based DJ-producer and now-singer-songwriter Rachel Wong aka Eau Claire is coming in hot to the New Year with a fresh slate of remixes of songs from her debut EP, All The Wonder, which is out now on her independent label Feed Me Disco. The multi-talented musician is rolling out the EP with a new remix of the EP's title track by Brooklyn-based DJ-producer N2N

N2N maintains the house vibe of Eau Claire's original, but warps her vocals and adds in minor keys, turning a song about a budding romance into a bittersweet banger that takes a more doubtful look on love. N2N also introduces glitchy, industrial synths to the track, creating an ominous vibe out of Eau Claire's original, perhaps hinting at unrequited love. 

Eau Claire will release a track from the remix EP every week for the next four weeks, so be on the lookout for more from her soon. And for now, enjoy the N2N remix and grab a free download of the track on SoundCloud.

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