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Holy heck this guy Blanda made a crazy track called "Adhesive"

Young man Blanda has gradually been releasing tracks from his upcoming EP "Blue Flannel" with the sick cover art and he just made released the stickiest head boppin' bangeroo two days ago. 

Listeners need to check out this crazy tune titled "Adhesive". Unexpected delights are always the best surprises and with "Adhesive", a brief anticipatory intro quickly builds into a brazy beat to seduce the ears. There's something particularly playful about the sly, sort-of-sexy synths from the beginning and it isn't long before "Adhesive" goes into this crazy conversation of bouncy beats that are perfect to blast, shocking your mainstream music loving friends who are also sitting in the car. 

Blanda's full "Blue Flannel" EP drops on January 20th!

Connect with Blanda: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter



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