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Azad is honest and versatile on his 'A Very Emotional EP'

Azad’s A Very Emotional EP is an aptly titled collection of songs that gives the listener an honest insight into the rapper/manager’s love life, while also giving Azad a chance to experiment with his sound.

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At certain points on the EP, Azad’s experimentation is a fantastic thing. Standout songs like “Goddess”, “Sweet” and “Enough of You” find Azad switching up his flow and rapping/singing over varied production and it really works. The lead-off song, “Enough of You” is essentially a break-up track which does a great job of setting up the theme for the EP. The productions are a bit dark, almost frantic, which perfectly matches the flavor of the song. "Goddess" sees Azad showcasing a razor sharp flow and is without a doubt my favorite off of the EP. Finally, "Sweet" is a straight up banger. Thanks to productions by Hucci, the song kicks and is a welcome bonus addition.

Sometimes, though, experimentation does not work, and that is evident on a few songs here as well. “Trust” and “Ready” in particular were easy for me to pass over. Though Azad has a great voice, these two songs came off a bit boring. I respect Azad's omission of rapping on “Trust”, but unfortunately it takes away from the song. And though “Ready” has some good verses, overall it feels more like a generic Drake song than anything else.

One thing I’d like to stress, though, is that I fully respect anyone who experiments with their music and puts it out to the public. I find that experimentation is the ONLY way to improve your craft and having the courage to do that is a rare find. Experimentation by definition won't always work, and that is 100% okay. Azad clearly has an eye/ear for talent given the roster on his Mind of a Genius label, so I get the feeling he knows what he’s doing.

Overall, A Very Emotional EP is an interesting and honest collection of songs that gives a very open side of Azad to the public. At times it can come off generic, but when it hits, it hits hard.

But, don’t take my word for it. Give A Very Emotional EP a listen above, and keep your eyes and ears on EARMILK for all things Azad.

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