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Sevdaliza & A$AP Ferg are haunting in "That Damaged Girl"

After her 2015 breakout year, Sevdaliza has remained relatively quiet. Instead of greedily cashing in on her hit single, "That Other Girl", the Iranian-born Dutch artist choose to selectively release enough tracks to keep her audiences' appetite whet and to attract new listeners. However, she is ready to unleash a full project onto the world in 2017, which is right around the corner. Fans' should be excited, as an album means more music and more entertaining videos.

Sevdaliza's album announcement is packaged alongside a new  reimagined take of her previously mentioned track, "That Other Girl", entitled "That Damaged Girl." Mucky still produces the latest song, but it is much darker than the previous incarnation. The bass is booming and her soulful voice is distorted. A$AP Ferg brings his dangerous raucous energy to the fray. While the two artists are an odd couple, they clearly understood what they needed from each other, which makes their transitions work effectively. Mucky's production creates a sense of controlled chaos that definitely speaks to the "That Damaged Girl's" title. Check it out above.

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