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Bricks keeps it bouncing for the release of 'Bounce' EP

Construction worker by day, producer by night: welcome to the world of Brian Papez. The LA-based bass producer, also known as Bricks, is back with the release of his heavy-hitting two-track Bounce EP as a starter point for his future exploration of electronic music in 2017.

Bounce EP opens with the title track and gets the listener moving right away. "Bounce" features an arrangement of breaks, heavy bass and trap beats. The track builds up with a surprising addition of horns and the distorted vocals keep the dark vibes going. The final track, "Where My Dogs At", is a continuation of the EP's dark, heavy elements, but incorporates more trap-styled beats. It is evident that Bricks is expanding his sound and with plans to explore different avenues in electronuc music, it's exciting to see where the producer will take his sound next in 2017.

Connect with Bricks: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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