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MEMBA paints a textured remix of Pluto and ye.'s "Feel the Fire" [Premiere]

Hailing from the Big Apple is production duo MEMBA, whose fiery beats are beginning to take the electronic world by storm. Their sound is not only hard-hitting, but eclectic through defying all genre forms. Attracting the likes of Elysian and Tribal Trap, MEMBA has been exploring their sound, dabbling in experimental works as well as peppy tracks with pop-infused vocals. MEMBA's style has jumped from grimy trap tunes such as " Tic Tac" or heavy hip hop works like "Bricks".  It's safe to say the duo is on the path to success, with a dimensional sound constantly expanding through every top quality release. 

MEMBA is the next in line to add their touch to the viral track Pluto & ye.'s "Feel the Fire". The original was a catchy masterpiece, combining smokey vocals with a glittery future bass vibe. In MEMBA's version, the bass is amplified and tickles the background of the clunky percussion. The drop is revamped with heavy drum work and explosive vocal chops that form a distinct trap injected melody.

Connect with MEMBA: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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