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Australia's Roland Tings drops "Eye's Closed" ahead of upcoming EP

Coming off his North American tour in support of  Chrome Sparks, the Melbourne-based artist Roland Tings has released his second song from his upcoming EP, which has an expected release date early 2017. 

If you're familiar with his pulsing house music sound, expect to be surprised with this new track as it's been given a more up-beat, summery vibe to it, while still maintaining his similar sound. If you'd like to hear more of his stuff, I'd recommend "Pala", "Cultural Canal", and "Hedonist". 

Check out the rest of Roland Tings tour dates:

  • Sat December 31 – Beyond the Valley, Victoria
  • Thu January 26 – Laneway Festival, Brisbane
  • Sat January 28 – Laneway Festival, Melbourne
  • Fri February 3 – Laneway Festival, Adelaide
  • Sat February 4 – Laneway Festival, Sydney
  • Sun February 5 – Laneway Festival, Fremantle

Connect with Roland Tings: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Dance · Electronic


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