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Listen to 'Silver Velvet', the breezy new track from The Courtneys

“Silver Velvet” is the latest cut from Vancouver indie rockers The Courtneys, from their tersely titled forthcoming LP The Courtneys II. They recently signed to Flying Nun Records, the New Zealand label famous for unveiling music “from the bottom of the world”, such as indie stalwarts the Clean & the Chills.

Flying Nun’s release ethos is a natural fit for the Courtneys’ brand of frizzy jangle-pop. “Silver Velvet” continues in the vein of their 2013 self-titled debut, with its muscular percussion and fuzzy guitar stabs, elevated by the sort of ludicrously catchy hook you’ll likely need surgically removed from your head upon hearing it. It’s by no means a carefree chug, though. The irresistibly saccharine arrangements are shaded by chilly lyrics about a long distance relationship - like a blast of sunshine in winter.

Listen to “Silver Velvet” below:

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