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Plato III releases powerful new track "No Luv"


Plato III is an up and coming rapper from Texas who is ready to take on the world with his powerful new single. The song, "No Luv," showcases the struggles he has had growing up around racism but uses this inspiration to show that he can overcome this issue and show the world who he truly is. He uses his music to express the way he feels that black people have been treated unfair his whole life and that he and his friends aren't depicted thriving or living life to the fullest -- but just living. His latest album, Life Before Death, showcases how death can influence someone's way of living. Growing up in areas filled with crime and violence can make young children feel that they aren't going to make it out alive.

This powerful new single showcases Plato's ability to capture the bigger picture and proves he could be a powerful force in this game. This track was produced by Plato himself.  Listen here: 


Connect with Plato: Twitter SoundCloud 

Future R&B · Hip-Hop


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