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P A T H delves into a sonic abyss with "Depths EP"

P A T H has evoked a vast, worldly chasm into the darkness in his debut EP Depths. As an 18-year-old experimental multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has crafted an expansive cinematic atmosphere; twisting and expanding through vacuous space in Stars. The EP features a multitude of field recordings and unusual sound design, which gives off a distortion that there is life within this musical universe. Maroon even sounds as though it could soundtrack the sci-fi realm of the "upside down" in Stranger Things. There is an urgency of exploration, a deep intrigue and extraterrestrial narrative of what lies within here. The EP finishes with Chamber creating a sense of wonder and hope for the listener. The EP was released on Bandcamp November 15th. 

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Electronic · Experimental · Indie


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