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Introducing Klienfeld and new EP 'Conformity' on Afterwave Records

Klienfeld has released his new EP, entitled Conformity, on Brooklyn based label Afterwave Records and we're pleased to release it on our site today. Born and raised in Queens, the producer now makes his mark in the trending neighborhood of Central Ave in Bushwick, along with co-conspirators Krames and William B., also of the label. 

Conformity is pure techno, full of rhythmic beats and unrelenting synths that makes you want to dance all night, and just shake the sweat off. The short EP, which only spans three tracks, has no less of an impact on the listener. 

"It reminded me of some Robert Hood tracks that I really love, so that was the inspiration there," Klienfeld said of first track "A Time And A Place." 

He counts second track "Assertive Conformity" as his favorite on the album, and cites the Zenker Brothers, Bambounou and even African drums as his main influences. 

"It works great on the floor for my sets," he says of highly charged finale track "Homage To David." 

Connect with Afterwave Records: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud 



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