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Phora breathes life into lyrics in new video: "The Cold"

Rapper Phora has made a name for himself on his articulate storytelling. With the recent tension between police and minority communities, Phora decided to speak his mind through rhymes and visuals. He creates a moving narrative through every calculated angle and lyric in this track. 


The Southern California-based rapper talks about his relationship with God, asking God for forgiveness for his sins while saying he would "do it all again". The lyrics reveal the story of a kid coming up in an unfortunate neighborhood with his father leaving him early in life. He looks to God for a way out, and the story further develops into being about a young man losing his friends to the way they lived. A question arises in the first verse - "Why it seems like cops get promoted for killing a kid?". This question seems to be the basis for part of the video's narrative. Phora and director George Orozco illustrate the story of two young men and two police officers. One cop is corrupt, aggressive and clearly out to get someone. The other is seemingly the opposite. The storyline begins to pick up when these two groups encounter each other and things go awry. As the video goes on, the plot thickens. This video is a must watch for any fan of music and cinematography. The piece is thought-provoking and at the same time just a damn good song. 

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