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Atella and Frøder bring us "Closer To Life" [Video Premiere]

Having released their new single “Closer To Life” last month on Eskimo Recordings, Norwegian duo Atella is back to debut a video as equally contemplative as the title suggests. You may even learn a little something about life. Much like the brooding, otherworldly nature of Atella’s production style with their track, the video takes us on this dimly lit, microscopic whirlwind tour through various stages of life.

The track itself boasts a sound that would rival fellow Norwegians Röyksopp. The dark and enigmatic synths combined with more structured analog sounding synths makes for a lovely result—somehow tender, yet assertive. Singer Frøder, who's been labeled one to watch, even has a voice that could compare to longtime Röyksopp collaborator Robyn (with a dash of Ellie Goulding). There’s a lot of mystery floating around in this “Closer To Life” room, however Atella is on point with this release. Enjoy the video below, and find Atella and Frøder’s track out now and available to stream from services like Spotify.

Connect with Atella: SoundCloud | FacebookInstagram

Connect with Frøder : SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter


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