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Watch DROELOE "Wake The Warrior" in a brand new visual [Video]

DROELOE can't stop and won't stop. The Dutch-duo have released their cinematic music video for recently released track "Wake The Warrior", which tells the chilling tale of a young girl and her rise to become a warrior. However, the rise of this young warrior does not have a happy ending.

Released via bitbird, "Wake The Warrior" is a haunting, chill electronic track with slow builds and beats which leave you with a slightly unsettled feeling (in a good way). The music video accompanying the track definitely mirrors in theme as we follow a young girl and the conditioning by her father to become a "warrior". The girl receives a pink gun with a carved dove on the side for her birthday, which begins her spiral down from hunting game to hunting the ones who made her into the "warrior" she has become. 

The creativity that is coming from DROELOE is definitely something to be admired. From a full-blown hacking scheme for their first release on Monstercat to one of the most chilling (and relevant) music videos of the year, the duo are continuously bringing fresh content to the electronic music scene and we cannot get enough of it.

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