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Introducing Sophie Francis and "Don't Stop"

Sophie Francis ended up finding her love for making music a little by accident. Early in high school, she had a school project where she had to choose a new skill to develop over 9 months, and document the whole process. After a lifetime of playing instruments like piano, she chose mixing, and now, she's taken that assignment on as a career choice. Over three years, she developed her knowledge to debut with three originals this year - "Drop Of A Dime," "Up In This" and "Bad Boy" - and now, she's gearing up to make her debut on Chuckie's Dirty Dutch Music with the release of "Don't Stop" tomorrow, November 18th.  
"Don't Stop" is a big room banger at first glance, but looking deeper, it shows a growing aritst learning how to wrangle their inspirations in together with their own musical identity. It's a promising start for Francis, as she seeks to define herself and make a statement.
Connect with Sophie Francis: SoundCloud Official Site
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