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Aesop Rock drops a live [Video] for standout "Lotta Years"

Aesop Rock released his most recent album The Impossible Kid this past April. There were a handful of standout tracks, but “Lotta Years” was easily my favorite. Certainly not pegged as a single, the track is a quick ride through a day in the life of Aesop that clocks in just under 2 minutes. However, for Aesop Rock, 2 minutes is more than enough time to paint an incredibly detailed scene and also make hilarious and accurate commentary on it.

The song follows Aesop as he travels to an ice cream shop and then a juice bar. As he makes his rounds, he comments on the younger generation working at each establishment, and how it relates to him as a rapper who just started his 4th decade on earth.

The video is a perfect representation of the song, it’s recorded live and sees him strolling through two shops in his current residence of Portland. The live treatment is a great way to add extra depth and feeling to the song, and unsurprisingly, the vivid lyrics fit perfectly with the real thing.

If you somehow missed The Impossible Kid, do yourself a favor and pick that album up. Aesop is one of the top emcees out there and can paint a picture with words like no other.

Press play on the video below and be sure to keep your eyes and ears on EARMILK for more news on Aesop Rock.


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