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Wolfgang Gartner releases funky "Baby Be Real" with John Oates

Wolfgang Gartner has always had a disco influence in his music. Today, that's been realized in its best form on a collaborative track with one an artist who came to fame during the real era. "Baby Be Real"  features one half of the iconic Hall & Oates, with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer John Oates making an appearance on the track - his first feature on an electronic one - and only heightening its ties to the era it pays homage to. Building upon the disco featured in Gartner's last album, 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate, "Baby Be Real" is funky, feel-good and infectious. The full EP released today via Gartner's own Kindergarten Recordings also features a "360 Club Mix" that you can probably expect to hear in his live performances.


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Dance · Disco


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