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CLIFTUN releases his eerie party anthem, "30SHWRS&AFTRHRS" [Video]

Los Angeles artist CLIFTUN is anything but reserved on his new track, providing us with his after-hours commentary on a sinister, addicting beat produced by WILD. The rapper's combination of abrasive lyrics and hilariously honest dialogue on the track set a dark, intoxicating tone, a thematic approach the artist clearly thrives in. The distorted, sometimes washed-out vocals on the song are very reminiscent of Travis Scott's work on Rodeo, which should serve as good news for fans of the album.

CLIFTUN seamlessly coasts along the ups and downs of the track's chaotic, synth- heavy beat, falling out of the song's irresistibly catchy hook right into a straightforward, no-nonsense verse. Shining with his impressive display of control over a track intended to feel belligerent, CLIFTUN gives listeners a well-executed late night anthem. The release includes a music video for the track that doesn't miss a beat in matching the song's hectic nature. The video is shot by former BMX pro Miles Rogoish(@MRogoish) and stars bad-ass model chick Jazel (@uglyworldwide) along side Die Antwood's DJs and backup dancers FLA$H (@flashniper) & LAFAYETTE (@lafayettebless). Listen and check the video out above!

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