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Zed's Dead enlist Nebbra for first official release off Deadbeats

Nebbra makes his official debut with the release of his first EP You and assists in Deadbeats first full-length EP release for a solo artist. The French producer burst onto the electronic scene winning five remix competitions for Lily Allen, Phantogram, Karin Park, Cage The Elephant and Party Thieves two years ago and hasn't slowed down since. With official remixes for Selena Gomez, Zed's Dead, Lemaitre and OWSLA, it was only a matter of time for Nebbra to release his original work with the help of Deadbeats.

The You EP is a four-track cohesive representation of Nebbra's sound and encompasses the essence of Deadbeats as a label. The title track "You", featuring Mike Sabath, starts the EP off on a high-note and carries over to additional tracks "Fire Away", "Gladiator" and "On The Moon". Overall, You is a high-energy, hard-hitting EP and is a strong initial release for Deadbeats. The future is looking bright for Nebbra and the newly launched record label.

Connect with Nebbra: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter



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