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Introducing: 1994 and his debut of "Hypersexual"

1994, the artist formerly known as Just Chris is a certified baby making music man out of the UK. Today he has blessed us with an absolute bedroom banger titled, "Hypersexual" ft Maya Law produced by HMLT. 

Why yes, I will be adding this to my "Sexflix and Chill" playlist. 1994 comes in hot as the London Drake on this track. He told EARMILK, "I wrote this poem thing to basically respond cryptically to people who say I make too many songs for girls". Then also said "Initially it was meant to be turned into a gospel trap song for those people who thought I made too many songs about girls". It's most definitely an eclectic mix of sounds - making it hard to categorize as R&B even though it leans most towards that genre. 1994 flows effortlessly with his first verse over the steady production, but as the song progresses, Maya riffs through the beat like a drip of sizzling water as a magnetic force on a hot pan. The song has an addicting hook and a progressive twist by HMLT half way through. It suddenly turns into a this progressive/hip-hop/dance song. The best part? After the R&B dance party, there is a real ass conversation between 1994 and his lady. I'm sure this conversation happens between ever single male artist and their girlfriend, and I can't blame the chick it's like, "Yo, do you love me? Or do you love me not?"

Keep tuned, there may just be an EP from 1994 right around the corner.

Connect with 1994: Soundcloud | Twitter 

Future R&B · PBR&B · R&B · Soul · Soul-Hop · Spoken Word


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