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Malik Ninety Five blends new school, early '90s hip house on "Link Up" [Premiere]

Ya'll should know by now that I only premiere the most riveting, red mark-inducing slaps on Wednesdays. This hump day, New Orleans emcee Malik Ninety Five is blessing us with "Link Up," a daring hip house/new-school blend that's hotter than some deep-fried beignets. Malik -- who co-produced the track with CLBTS -- straight beasts on a creatively flipped, Isley Brothers-sampled beat that most rappers couldn't hang with. Listen to Mr. 95 go 150, below.

It's scary that Malik Ninety Five is 21 years old; cats who've been in the game twice as long as him aren't making music that's this left field. Aside from the visionary work on the 1's and 2's, he really flexes his versatility as a vocalist as well, spitting some ill multi-cadence verses while also gliding over the chorus with some catchy harmonics. If you're loving the old school vibes on "Link Up," you should definitely check out "90's Luv," too. It's always refreshing to see spitters sprinkle in some vintage steelo here and there.

"Link Up" can be downloaded and streamed right now through all major digital retailers. Also be on the lookout for Malik Ninety Five's forthcoming LP, The Paradise Project, slated for release on April 28th of next year. 

The Big Easy is out here.

Connect with Malik Ninety Five: Twitter | SoundCloud | Official Website

Purchase/Stream "Link Up": iTunes | Spotify | Google Play

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