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Reva DeVito releases visual for "Deeper" [Premiere]

Today, Reva DeVito releases her video for "Deeper". The visual is creative directed, produced and written by the boss ass extraordinaire Reva herself & Tiki helped the vision come to life.  The HW&W recording artist also just released her latest project The Move, making her Portland's most treasured R&B goddess. 

The nostalgic video embodies the gut wrenching feeling of heartbreak.  The visual follows a lost soul as he navigates through his everyday life post breakup. I assume the man is wearing a mask as he does not feel himself without his counterpart; the only time his face is revealed is when he's enjoying an euphoric state with his ex girlfriend. Reva preaches that she can't help him grow or help him identify himself and that he has to find that on his own. 

"Open up /  let the light come in / pray to God that you can find it / lookin' in the mirror but you can't see shit / it's deeper than that"

As we all know, there is no better feeling than the sweet taste of love on your lips. On the contrary, there is no taste more bitter than falling out of it. Reva does an authentic job of portraying the bliss and beauty inside loving someone else, yet does an equally accurate representation of pinpointing the raw, tragic parts of leaving someone. The underlying theme in the song? Power to the pussy, cause Reva is clearly an independent woman that don't need no man. I mean, the warrior of a woman has quite enough flava on her own. 

Listen to Reva DeVito's recent project The Move with production from the Haitian Sensation - Kaytranada, Com Truise, Teklun & Roane Namuh.

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Connect with Reva DeVito: Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Videography Tiki Mon: Instagram 

Electronic · Future R&B · Hip-Hop · PBR&B · Soul-Hop


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