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Listen to Sister Socrates' looming debut track "Knife's Edge"

Sister Socrates, a four piece hailing from Melbourne, Australia consisting of Adam Dean, Matthew Kenneally, Justin Olsson, and Lachlan O'Kane, have just released their debut single "Knife's Edge".

Described in a press release as an "outlet to the many hours spent sitting in a living room bound by a sort of everyday, familial tyranny," "Knife's Edge" is a mesh of driving percussion, layered bass synth sounds and distorted guitar tones. Or, in other words, a promising debut. 

Formed in 2014/15, Sister Socrates narrow in on inward-looking lyricism characteristic of many indie/alt-rock outfits (David Bazan, New Gods, Bright Eyes) that inspire the band. Their debut LP is due out early 2017.

Listen to "Knife's Edge" below in anticipation. 

Connect with Sister Socrates: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Bandcamp
Indie · Noise · Noise-Pop · Rock · Synth Pop


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