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DiRTY RADiO shows their "True Love" [Premiere]

It feels like we just heard from DiRTY RADiO - and that's probably because we did. Two tracks released earlier this month in fact: one collaboration with Sleepy Tom, and another collaboration with Favulous, both singles which made it onto our pages here at EARMILK because they were simply awesome. If that demand for collaboration speaks anything, it speaks to the Vancouver-based trio's talent and innovation. This week they'll return with their own original, "True Love," that you can get a first listen to here until its release via 604 Records tomorrow.

"True Love" starts out with an awesome duo of poppy chords and snaps (because let's be honest, no one can resist a good snap-along), and evolves into a full on dance-pop crossover track primed for hit status. Evolving those pop piano chords into house-inspired chord progressions, "True Love" pairs upbeat vocal talent with what seems to be an innate sense for catchy production. If the guys behind DiRTY RADiO keep this up, we'll be hearing a lot more of them. 

Connect with DiRTY RADiO: SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram

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