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Yuksek highlights Destino for new Partyfine Volume 3 compilation [Interview + Premiere]

French producer Pierre-Alexandre Busson, whom we know more affectionately as Yuksek, has come a long way from early EPs and remixes with labels like Kitsuné, Relish, and Exploited. His first full-length received wide attention with its debut in 2009, but it was really his second album Living On The Edge of Time and  the album’s massive single “On A Train” that launched Yuksek to favorite status and a front-runner for the indie dance pop sound.

Started in 2013, Yuksek’s label Partyfine served as an outlet for him and fellow artists who didn’t necessarily want to be confined by genre. Shortly following the label’s debut, Yuksek and The Magician as Peter & The Magician unleashed this bomb of a track called “On My Brain.” Needless to say, it was an infectious party-starter that turned everyone’s ears to Partyfine.

Over the years, Partyfine has hosted artists like Clarens, Jean Tonique, Villa, and TEPR. Today sets us days ahead of the third volume of the Partyfine series, which is surely a treat. In the mix is a track called “Loopo” from the elusive producer Destino. With its tropical vibes and slow-burning, disco-dusted melodies, “Loopo” takes you coasting out to sea to never return. In chatting with master Yuksek, we’ve learned that Destino will be releasing one of the first non-compilation albums on Partyfine next year. Check out the full interview below and look for Partyfine, Vol. 3 to be released October 28th.



EARMILK: Tell us a little about Yuksek--past, present, and future?
YUKSEK: Hmm…  I’ve released many EP’s, tons of remixes, 2 albums. I produced albums and songs for many artists and wrote 3 movies scores last year. I’ve started an independent label a bit more than 3 years ago and just finished a new album. I’m actually working on a new live set-up touring next year.
EM: Describe this latest volume of the Partyfine compilations?
Y: We release a compilation every year including some of the « highlights » tracks of the past year and some exclusives. This year we have new artists joining the crew like Ten Ven, Jeffrey Paradise, Sh4m4nism, Destino and Claap. Of course we’ve got songs by some artists who have collaborated with us for long time like Jean Tonique, Villa, Poom, Weekend Affair, Chassol and Getaroom! . About the sound as you can expect… everything turns around disco, trippy, housey, fresh, dark, future, past, whatever.
EM: Everyone on the compilation is sending out good vibes, but is there someone we should really keep our eyes on for 2017?
Y: We’re going to release albums by Weekend-affair and Destino. Yet we haven’t released any long format except the compilations, but those guys are worth it!
EM: Could you tell us a little bit about the Destino "Loopo" track we're premiering?
Y: Destino is a producer who really wants to stay behind his music, doesn’t want to show his face or get on socials. He lives in South America and sent us a few demos in the past. We were excited by his sound and I helped him to nail it when he came to France few months ago. He produces a weird music I define as « tropichedelic » dance, if it makes sense.
EM: You've worked with and released some fun collaborations with artists like The Magician and Brodinski, is there anyone you dream of working with?
Y: Nope, it’s a matter of relationship. I meet people very often and sometimes we decide to spend time together in the studio, sometimes it works, sometimes not. But I never think like « I wanna work with this one ».
EM: If you weren't doing music, what do you think you'd be doing?
Y: That’s my real problem, that’s the only thing I can do.
EM: What are you listening to right now?
Y: The sound of silence in my living room in the morning.
EM: Did you have a favorite album for 2016?
Y: The Metronomy is interesting, Franck Ocean too, and I love everything Soulwax releases on DEEWEE.
EM: Can you tell us anything about your next album?
Y: I like it a lot, but don’t expect it to be similar to any album I’ve released. Evolution is life ;)


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  1. Clarens - Crystal Clear
  2. Jeffrey Paradise (AKA one half of Poolside) - Cruise Control
  3. Destino - Loopo
  4. Jean Tonique feat. Bleu Platine - Plage D'or
  5. Ten Ven feat. Roman Rappak (AKA Lead of Breton) - Repeating History
  6. CLAAP! - In The Air
  7. Poom - Qui Es-Tu?
  8. Chassol - Reich & Darwin - Chassol x Keren Ann x Yuksek rework
  9. Get a Room! - Plano
  10. Yuksek – Make It Easy (Fire Auto Remix)
  11. Jean Tonique - Fallin'
  12. Sh4m4nism - Invisible Muscle
  13. Villa - Sent
  14. Weekend Affair – Secheresse

Connect with Yuksek: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with Partyfine: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Buy or stream Partyfine, Vol. 3 here.

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