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Eminem drops his hat in the election race with "Campaign Speech"

After a tumultuous ten month political affair, 2016 has finally seen a candidate that is accepted on both sides of the aisle and crosses party lines. Eminem is the politician that we have all been anxiously waiting for and need. On "Campaign Speech," the Detroit Rap God displays a lyrical tour de force. He literally raps for seven minutes straight; if you are thirsty for bars, Em will drown you in triple entendres and multi-line rhyme schemes. 

Eminem has not lost a step in all of his years, as he weaves together current political events and hip-hop standard themes together in sleek, almost unnoticeable ways. However, what is he without his ample supply of dark or dirty humor, which "Campaign Speech" provides in spades. Fans are treated to the freestyle Slim Shady of yesteryear, who was and still is able to excite the world with uncanny flows and hard hitting bars.

Although, seven minutes of straight rapping is sort of a turnoff for many listeners. Eminem does not provide any additional production to ease your mind off of his lyrical barrage. Around the fifth or sixth minute, "Campaign Speech" begins to feel like its namesake—slightly boring and incessant. He still deserve a ton of credit for his ability, but brevity or a beat would have lent this track some replay value. As it stand now, you can only really check Eminem's otherworldly lyricism display. Thankfully, it still is some good Slim Shady. 

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